January 1st, 2018




Time to celebrate the new year – and the whoopee cushion Santa brought me! And what better occasion to celebrate than a brand-new book. Yep, January 2 is a book birthday for my new Tiny Tales book, HUMPHREY’S PET SHOW PANIC. Ta-da!




I love how illustrator Priscilla Burris can get so much feeling into her drawings using very few lines! She has a very talented paw! You can see how she draw me here. https://vimeo.com/104481200

And guess whose head I’m sitting on? Yep, it’s the return of Clem, Miranda’s dog from THE WORLD ACCORDING TO HUMPHREY! And there are so many other animals at the pet show, from dogs, cats and rabbits, to a frog named Og – oh, you know him! I even get to see my old pal, Winky. With so much competition, I’m not sure I can possibly win. But my classmates are counting on me to bring home a prize. And I have bigger things to worry about, like Clem. No wonder I’m in a panic!