Wonderland School L.A. with Myrtle  Keefe 9.12.11I’m still recovering from a whirlwind book tour. I’ve always heard writers talk about how you don’t even know what city you’re in. I wouldn’t go that far … but last Wednesday, I did have to ask someone on the plane what day of the week it was!

I got off to an easy start here at home in L.A.. I visited the wonderful Wonderland School, not that far from my house. There was a long break, so my media escort, Diana, took me to a large B&N where I signed books, then on to the Barnhart School in Arcadia.

With librarian Myrtle Keefe at Wonderland School

Barnhart School, Arcadia, CA w Alicia Yao








With Barnhart librarian Alicia Yao in front of the stunning stained glass windows at Santa Anita Church next door.

The enthusiastic southern California students gave me energy to get to my next stop which was: San Francisco! It’s only an hour flight to S.F. from Burbank, but the plane was 1 1/2 hours late arriving. Groan. Great hotel – The Prescott – and my media escort, Brian, arrived the next morning to whisk me off to North Hillsborough Elementary and South Hillsborough Elementary. Both are in – you guessed it – Hillsborough. In the afternoon, I had tea with three world class librarians. I don’t know about them, but I learned a lot!

In Humphrey’s words, Tuesday was a BUSY-BUSY-BUSY day complicated by world-class traffic jams. Still, Brian managed to get me to Walter Hayes in Palo Alto, Gardner Bullis in Los Altos, and St. Joseph’s in Atherton. I wish I could have had more time at each school but it was run in, speak, sign like crazy, race out the door. It wouldn’t have worked at all if the schools hadn’t been well-organized and without the help of wonderful Lisa from Kepler’s Books.  Another dash to the airport and I was off to Minneapolis.

Gardner Bullis School, Los Altos, CA w Jane Sanders 9.14.11

But I did leave at least part of my heart in San Francisco – a beautiful city with beautiful children!




Gardner Bullis School in Los Altos with Jane Sanders

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