New Book Buzz

February 3rd, 2012

8Humphrey_MysteryAPPLESMysteries UK - Copy There’s something new afoot in Humphrey’s world! Mysteries According to Humphrey is now out in the U.K. (Red cover, left) Unfortunately, Humphrey fans in the United States will have to wait until July for this book, (Purple cover, right) but they’ll be rewarded with a BIG-BIG-BIG surprise later this year! Promise!

When Mrs. Brisbane goes missing, Humphrey tries to find clues as to where she’s gone. Meanwhile, he has to cope with a subsitute teacher (called a supply teacher in the UK) called Mr. E.,  the lost and found (called Lost Property in the UK), beginning ballet, Sherlock Holmes and a howling Halloween!


                                                                                                                                        xBirthday Bash Cover

Coming in March, another Tiny Tales book publishes in the UK. This is the fourth in a series of younger, shorter, illustrated books. (Thanks to wonderful illustrator Penny Dann!) These are not available in the U.S. but you can find them on – but you’ll have to pay a higher shipping fee.

And this is not the end … there are more Humphrey books coming your way in both countries so stay tuned!