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T.V. and Film:
Eddie Gamarra
The Gotham Group
ph (310) 285-0001

Book Agent:
Nancy Gallt

If you are doing a report on me, please check Homework Help and About me on my website.

If you are a teacher, please do not have each student in your class send me a separate email. When I see 25 emails from students in one class, it’s impossible. If you’d like to group them together and send your (the teacher’s) email, I will send a group reply.

    Due to the volume of mail I receive, I can no longer guarantee an answer to snail mail letters. I’m sorry to say that but I am just one person.

    If you sent me a letter between July, 2013 and October, 2015, and did not receive a reply, I deeply apologize. I developed a serious neck problem which greatly limited my time at the computer, both pre and post surgery. Unfortunately, I received huge batches of letters of a hundred or more during that time and could not answer them. But I did read all the letters and enjoyed the artwork and appreciate each and every fan who wrote. I’m sorry if I disappointed you.