Animal Magnetism

October 6th, 2010

Curious GeorgeMultiple generations have loved the exploits of Curious George. I absolutely loved these books and checked them out from the library often. There’s a TV show now, of course, which I find kind of jarring. It always seems so loud and makes me glad that books don’t actually talk and make noisy.  Even today, the thought of silent and mischievous Curious George makes me smile.







220px-Babar2 But I can’t mention jungle animals without mentioning my beloved Babar. I say “my” because I adored the Babar books so much.  I could read a Curious George book quickly and I’d “gotten” it. But with Babar, I spent long dreamy hours studying the pictures and the world they depicted. By today’s standards, they might not hold up as well, especially because of controversy over the books, saying they justify colonialism. Wikipedia’s article explains and has some excellent links.  Luckily, I didn’t know what colonialism was when I fell in love with Babar.

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