The Secret is (Almost) Out!

December 8th, 2013

It’s finally time to share a secret: Book 10 in the Humphrey series, Secrets According to Humphrey, will be released in the U.S. on January 2, 2014! That means that diehard Humphrey fans will have to save a bit o’ holiday cash!

I have a real thing about secrets.  I believe that secrets are always revealed in the end – and there are secrets flying around Room 26 like crazy! The theme of ancient Egypt was inspired by someone at Penguin (who?) who suggested it at a large party that included marketing, art and sales people. Thank you, anonymous person! Humphrey makes a great pharaoh!


Even though Secrets comes out after the  holidays, there are plenty of books available for gift-giving ! First of all, there’s Winter According to Humphrey, which was published in paperback in October! (Christmas According to Humphrey in the UK)

Also in the UK is a fun new activity book, Humphrey’s Book of Christmas Fun! A perfect stocking stuffer!



And there are two books that had been published in the UK by Faber and now have been released in the US by Penguin. Humphrey’s Book of FUN-FUN-FUN combines an activity book with puzzles and mazes and a joke book! Humphrey’s World of Pets is an extremely comprehensive pet care guide. If you’re getting a holiday pet, you need to know how to take care of it or you could be facing a real disaster, sorry to say.


Secrets According to Humphrey comes out in the UK on February 6. I think it’s interesting how similar (and fantastic) both covers are. That’s not always the case.


In case you’re still looking for another Humphrey book in the UK, this has recently been released: a compendium of previously-published Humphrey’s Tiny Tales and a BRAND-NEW ONE, probably my favorite: My Mixed-Up Magic Trick. Who doesn’t love a bit of magic?

So have a HAPPY-HAPPY-HAPPY Humphrey holiday! If I haven’t posted recently, it’s because: I’M WRITING ANOTHER HUMPHREY BOOK! And the U.S. has loads of new books to look forward to… but that’s still a secret!

Wishing you all a magical holiday season and a hamster-rific New Year!  xxoo

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