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March Madness

March 28th, 2010

Mind Your Head I should take this excellent advice from England!

March madness: I’m not talking about basketball … I’m talking about living life like a hamster spinning on a hamster wheel!

What have I been doing lately?

1) answering fan mail
2) writing and rewriting Humphrey book 7
3)answering fan mail
4) writing and rewriting the first of the younger Humphrey books, aimed at kids 5-7
5)answering fan mail
6)negotiating with agents and lawyers on two potential TV series (one Humphrey, one not)
7)dealing with ridiculous time-devouring tech problems with my Blackberry (finally healed) and printer (finally healed)
8)neglecting everything else, like fun, friends and family

I’m HAPPY-HAPPY-HAPPY that Humphrey makes so many people HAPPY-HAPPY-HAPPY. But I still haven’t found that balance.

I miss my travels to schools throughout the country, but I traveled so much over the past few years that I’m only now getting used to the fact that it’s Sunday and I don’t have to catch a plane! I recently drove a friend to Burbank airport on a Sunday afternoon and I was amazed to think that I wasn’t the one getting on a plane. However, I will be traveling to the UK in August/September and next March and that makes me unsqueakably happy.

Okay, so I have nothing to complain about. I need to mind my head!


December 19th, 2009

Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings

Things have been hectic as the holidays are bearing down on us … and I still haven’t finished Humphrey book seven. Eerk!

Hopefully in 2010, I’ll be back to blogging.

Meanwhile, thanks so much and Season’s Greetings to Humphrey’s friends and to the entire Sassafras Springs community!

That sinking feeling…

September 8th, 2009

A fire truck caught in a sink hole near our neighborhood ….more fallout from the water main break back home – amazing video.  Our neighbor Mary called to give us an update but all is okay at our house – we’re just missing out on monumental traffic jams.

We spent a great day in NY yesterday, seeing our son’s new apartment and touring really cool Long Island City, looking at the best view of Manhattan you’ll ever see, and kayakers, seaplanes, barges and sailboats on the river. Then dinner with friends Betty and Alex in town … a perfect day.

Today, celebrating the first day of school in Glenridge, NJ with 3rd grader Rita and kindergartener Josie.

Tomorrow: up at the crack o’ dawn for our trip to London!

Home sweet home. If the camera pointed the other direction, you’d be looking at our house.

It was such a lovely morning here in Glen Ridge, NJ … until we heard from our next door neighbor about the flood that was just houses away from our house on Coldwater Canyon Avenue in Studio City, CA. See video. A water main broke, blowing a hole in the street big enough to accommodate a couple of fire trucks and sending a flood of water into houses, picking up cars and causing damage (to some pretty high end restaurants and shops) in the neighborhood. Just about four houses down from our house.  So while we’re on our trip, we’re missing news crews and helicopters, hundreds of firefighters, our street being closed off for a while causing a major traffic mess. And yet, I almost wish I’d been there to see it.

Oddly enough, in 1993, before we moved there, a major main broke higher up on the street causing a similar flood.  People had to be evacuated by the Red Cross – including including the residents of our house and neighbors. Eventually the water department had to replace all the lawns and other water damage.  A coincidence? I doubt it. The pipe was laid in 1914.

Life in L.A. : droughts, fire, flood.


August 2nd, 2009

spider season

Who says Los Angeles doesn’t have seasons?
In addition to four seasons (earthquake, mud, fire, flood), we also have spider season.

I love to see the huge, elaborate webs they spin at this time of year.

I hate where they spin them. There’s one every morning across the opening in the hedge which I must break to go out and get the paper. It doesn’t hurt the spider – there’s a new web in the same spot the following morning. (And consistently, year after year.) They love to build around our patio and the one above is just outside my office – happily, I could walk around that one.

The worst part is when you accidentally walk through one without seeing it and the whole thing ends up in your hair. Icky!

But … those webs are definitely works of art.

Charlotte lives!